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Preparing for JUC


Before your arrival at JUC, here are a few things to sure you have take care of:

Map Materials (Pre-Israel Assignment)

When you are accepted into our study program, you will be sent mapping materials as a pre-Israel assignment. Because there will be so much to do once the program begins, it is important that you complete these materials before leaving for Israel and bring all of them with you. You will use these maps in the classroom and in the field. Follow the link below to the Regional Study Guide, which is your instruction booklet to completing the maps. 

Regional Study Guide Download

Arrival In Israel

Please schedule your arrival in Jerusalem on the date that housing opens for your study program. If you are taking a sherut (a shared shuttle taxi) from the airport to campus, exit the terminal and look for a large yellow sign at the curb, to the right, that reads:

Shuttle Service
in both Hebrew and English. These sheruts run every 24-hours a day, including Shabbat and the cost is approximately $20 or 70 shekels.
A map with the location of Jerusalem University College is available here.
For those staying on campus: tell the driver you want to be dropped off at The American Institute on Mount Zion. Because some flights land at Ben Gurion International Airport late at night or in the wee hours of the morning, it is possible for you to arrive on campus before 8:00am (the start of normal business hours). When you arrive at the campus gate (it will be locked), ring the bell on the right of the gate. Someone will open the gate for you promptly!
For those staying in a hotel: for the Gloria Hotel, tell the driver to drop you at Jaffa Gate. For Knight’s Palace tell the driver to drop you at New Gate. If you will be staying at any other hotel, you will be informed of where to ask the sherut driver to let you off prior to your flight.
Please note that if you arrive significantly before the normal check-in time on your designated arrival day, there will likely be an additional fee assessed by the hotel. You are responsible to arrange all accommodations outside of the designated arrival and departure dates.

Program Details

After you arrive at JUC, you will receive a program schedule which includes the dates and times of field studies and locations of stay. While the staff at JUC does their best to adhere to the program schedule, please note that changes do occur even at the last minute or during the course of the program itself, due to logistical or safety reasons. If such changes occur, you will be informed of them by your instructor or by the JUC office.

Departure From Israel

Please schedule your departure for the last day of the program. If you wish to stay on campus longer, you must have prior written permission since rooms may not be available, and you will be charged for those days.

Group Transfer Buses

For those short-term groups which have ordered (prior to arrival) group transportation from Ben Gurion International Airport to Jerusalem, a representative of Jerusalem University College will meet you at the airport. It is important that everyone in the group gather at the baggage claim area and pass through customs (“nothing to declare”) together, then exit the airport together as a group. Once someone exits, it is not possible to return and look for stragglers.