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General Information

JUC's office is here to help with student administrative needs and to disseminate important information about classes, student life, and activities in the city. See below for information about JUC's administrative services. 

Office Hours

JUC’s Administrative Office is open during the following hours:

  • Monday through Thursday from 8:00am to 12:00pm and 1:00pm – 5:00pm
  • Friday 8:00am to 12:00pm and 1:00pm – 4:00pm.

We are closed on Saturday and Sunday. Our Business Office is available by appointment only.

Registrar’s Bulletin Board

Two bulletin boards are located in the lobby just outside of the administrative offices. Students should check here for class schedules, academic announcements, special events, and a variety of information related to student life both on and off campus. It is the student’s responsibility to stay current with academic events. Posting, altering, and removing notices should be done only with permission of JUC staff.

Computer Lab

JUC has four desktop computers (PCs) that are available for use 24 hours a day. During office hours, a staff member will be available to assist you if needed, and a computer technician is available for on-call problem solving. Note that JUC does not provide .edu emails for students.

Wireless Network

The majority of campus has wireless internet access. As with all institutions, there are times when our network goes down or runs slower than expected, especially when everyone jumps online at once after returning to campus. We do our best to keep those things from happening, but please let the office know if you are experiencing problems getting online.


Office phones are staffed only during posted business hours and used for JUC business only. With the availability of international calling plans, Facetime, and Skype, we find that most students no longer use the JUC office phones to communicate with friends and family.

There are very affordable cell phone plans in Israel that include international calling, texting, and data (although phones themselves are expensive to buy here). We can help recommend a cell phone provider to you when you arrive. Note that your phone must be unlocked for international use in Israel, and you will need to purchase an Israeli sim card. You should speak with your service provider to make sure your phone is unlocked before you come.


If you need to send a fax, you may do so from JUC’s administrative offices. The cost is $1 per page for a fax sent to a number in Israel, $2 per page to the U.S., and $4 per page for other countries. You may also send faxes from the post office, but charges there are substantially higher.

If you receive a fax, it will be placed in your mailbox. If you are expecting a fax, please tell the sender to mark your name at the top of the fax.


You may request to have photocopies made for you at the reception desk. The charge is .5 shekel or approximately 14 cents per page.

Friday A.M.

The Friday A.M. is JUC’s weekly bulletin for students, staff, and friends of our community. It is an important vehicle for news and information about events on campus and in local communities. Copies are posted every Friday morning around campus and sent to students via E-mail.

You may place an announcement in the Friday A.M. by contacting the Director of Student Services.