Our History

A Beginning Vision

In 1956, Dr. G. Douglas Young, the founding president of Jerusalem University College, envisioned a rigorous educational experience in which students preparing for Christian ministry in the academy or the pulpit could study in the land of the Bible.

Dr. Young believed in providing living learning experiences for students pursuing courses in biblical history, historical geography, archaeology, Hebrew language, culture, and religion. This vision still propels the mission of JUC today.

A Growing Legacy

JUC began as a six-month academic experience for graduate students under the name The Israel-American Institute of Biblical Studies. This was complemented by a semester-abroad program and the M.A. degree program in the 1960s, together with a name change to The American Institute of Holy Land Studies.

We moved from our original home at 55 Prophets Street to Mount Zion in August 1967, just after the Six-Day War. By 1971, the university added the option to study in two- or three-week short-term programs for undergrad and graduate students. Our current name, Jerusalem University College, was adopted in 1997.

Today, our alumni number over 32,000 students.

Historic Partnerships

Over seventy accredited colleges, universities, seminaries, and graduate schools worldwide partner with JUC in a consortium relationship, supporting our academic programs and receiving the opportunity for our students to be enriched in the history, cultures, and religions of the Middle East.

JUC's Presidents

Since its founding, Jerusalem University College has been blessed with experienced and capable leaders who have guided the school through both calm and perplexing times:

Dr. G. Douglas Young 

Founding President

Dr. George Giacumakis 


Dr. Peter Veltman 

Interm President

Dr. Lareau Lindquist

International President

Dr. Morris Inch 






Dr. Donald Brake


Mr. Halvor Ronning

Interim President

Dr. Sidney DeWaal


Dr. SeJin Koh


Dr. Paul Wright


Dr. Oliver Hersey