Our Campus

Living on Campus

JUC's campus sits in the heart of historic Jerusalem. Built with vaulted stone arches and tranquil gardens overlooking the Hinnom Valley, it is a beautiful haven for our students. Living just a five-minute walk from the Old City, our students enjoy access to Jerusalem's bustling markets, diverse cultures, holy sites, and local street food.

JUC's campus is a convenient, comfortable, and safe home base for our students during their time abroad. Our full-service cafeteria provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day. Students have access to our campus laundry room, library, computer lab, and weight room.

Housing Accommodations

JUC offers dormitory-style housing with desks, bunk beds, and dressers/wardrobes. Newly-renovated bathrooms are located near all rooms throughout our campus. All on-campus dorm rooms offer convenient access to dining, library, gardens, and classrooms.

Married students typically live off-campus. We are able to assist in your search for housing and help you as you and your family adjust to living in Jerusalem. Occasionally, dorm-style housing becomes available for married students who prefer the full on-campus experience.


JUC's Memorial Library houses over 14,000 volumes, 50 current periodicals, and a rare book collection. Our library holdings cover the fields of archaeology, history, historical geography of the ancient Near East, Hebrew and Semitic languages, theology, and modern Middle Eastern studies. Pride of place is the Immanuel Ben Dor Archaeological Collection, which consists primarily of excavation reports.

In addition, JUC holds a pottery collection on permanent loan from the Israel Antiquities Authority. This collection contains complete vessels, restored vessels, and other artifacts dating from the the Early Bronze Age through the Early Arabic Period, with flints from the Paleolithic and Neolithic Periods.

JUC students will also have access to libraries of other educational institutions and museums in the Jerusalem area.

Garden and Grounds

Our campus grounds hold beautiful greenery and flowers that bloom throughout the year and serve as a restful spot for our students. Here you will find a rose garden and five of the "seven species" native to Israel mentioned in Deuteronomy 8:8: figs, dates, grapes, pomegranates, and olives. Our garden has a wonderful view of the Hinnom Valley and several neighborhoods of Jerusalem. In warm weather, students like to study, read, or eat under the pergolas or in the shade of our Aleppo pine trees.

Campus Recreation

JUC's campus contains several places for students to enjoy a break from their studies. Our student lounge, with its 19th century stone walls and domes, is a great place to watch a movie or play games.

Students looking for physical activity and friendly competition enjoy the use of our basketball hoop, ping-pong table, and small campus weight room.

The Oasis, our campus store, offers cold drinks, snacks, ice cream, classroom supplies, postcards, books, and JUC merchandise for sale.

The campus rooftop also provides a gorgeous view of West Jerusalem, especially at sunset.