Passport Photos

Submitting Passport Photos

As a part of our application proceess, you are required to submit passport photos that must be used as part of your student visa application at the Ministry of Interior in Jerusalem. You may submit passport photos one of two ways:


1. Submit digital photos

If you choose to send digital photos, you may generate them for free by clicking on the link below and following the instructions there. Please be sure the photos are clear, well lit, and that there is a white background behind you. When you finish taking your passport photos, you may download them and submit them through your application on Slate. 

Take Passport Photo


2. Mail hard copies to the US office

If you choose this option, you should sent your passport photos by mail, at the time you submit your application, to the following address: 

          Jerusalem University College
          1185 Wesley Avenue
          Xenia, OH 45385