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Quality health care (doctors, emergency clinics, and hospitals) is readily available in Israel, although you will notice a clear difference in doctor-patient and especially nurse-patient interaction than what you are used to in U.S. clinics or hospitals.

You must carry full health insurance for overseas travel in order to enroll as a student at JUC. Please check to make sure that your health insurance is valid for Israel and Jordan, as well as other countries to which you might be traveling on your own.

Initial visits to the doctor or the emergency clinic (TEREM) cost up to $100 or more. Further care (diagnostic visits, tests, setting broken bones or surgery) will generally cost less than comparable services in the U.S.

Regardless of the type of medical service needed, doctors, emergency clinics, and hospitals will not bill your insurance company. Rather, you will have to pay for such services up front with cash or a credit card. The medical provider will give you diagnostic reports and receipts in English if you ask, which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement according to their policies. If for no other reason, it is important that you have ready access to cash and/or a credit card while enrolled at JUC to cover possible medical treatment.

There is a supply of first aid items and non-prescription medicine for emergency use in the campus administrative office. A full-service pharmacy is located just inside Jaffa Gate, a 5-minute walk from campus.

The following are a few options for overseas travel insurance that you might want to investigate. Note that none of these are sponsored or guaranteed by JUC, and JUC is not liable for any insurance claims or difficulties.

Insurance Services of America
PO Box 1617
Chandler, AZ 85244
Ask for the Diplomat International policy information

Chubb Group
2113 Penn Avenue Reading
PA 19609
Ask for information on both Travel Safe and Travel Med.

Kuffel, Colimore and Company (Security Rish International)

International Scholastic Overseas Services
PO Box 466
Place Bonaventure
Montreal, Quebec H5A 1C1