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JUC’s Memorial Library houses over 14,000 volumes, over 50 current periodicals, a slide collection, and a rare book collection. Our library holdings cover the fields of archaeology, history, historical geography of the ancient Near East, Hebrew and Semitic languages, and modern Middle Eastern studies. Pride of place is the Immanuel Ben Dor Archaeological Collection, which consists primarily of excavation reports and rare books.

In addition, JUC holds a pottery collection on permanent loan from the Israel Antiquities Authority. This collection is on display in the classroom building and contains complete vessels, restored vessels, and other artifacts dating from the the Early Bronze Age through the Early Arabic Period, with flints from the Paleolithic and Neolithic Periods.

As a JUC short-term student, you are free to use our library during the regular, posted hours for the duration of your program. You may not check out books or take them off campus. There is a library guide to help you understand how to make the best use of the resources.

Other than our faculty and curriculum, the JUC library is its single most valuable resource. Like all research libraries, many of our holdings are out of print and cannot easily be replaced, if at all. We expect that you will treat the holdings of this and other area libraries with all proper respect.

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