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Preparing for JUC


Before your arrival at JUC, here are a few things you should take care of:

Required Forms

All incoming students must complete and submit the housing, arrival, and course pre-registration forms below.

Housing Form     Travel Form    

Map Materials (Pre-Israel Assignment)

When you are accepted to study in a long-term program at JUC, you will be sent mapping materials as a pre-Israel assignment. You are required to complete these materials before leaving for Israel and to bring all of them with you. You will use these maps in the classroom and in the field. Click the link below to access the Regional Study Guide that will walk you through how to mark maps 1-7:

Regional Study Guide

Arrival In Israel

Please schedule your arrival in Jerusalem on the date that campus housing opens for your study program. To get to our campus from the Ben Gurion Airport, follow the insructions below:

1. Take the Jerusalem Shuttle Service (Nesher Sherut) to the American Institute (JUC) on Mt. Zion.

The easiest way to get to campus from the airport is by taking a sherut, which is a large shared taxi for 10 people (click here to see what they look like). Sheruts run 24-hours a day, including Shabbat, and the cost is $20 or 70 shekels. You do not need to tip your driver. 

The sheruts should be lined up waiting outside the Ben Gurion airport. To find them, exit the airport, walk to the street, and look to the right. Do not go to the left and take a regular taxi! Know that the taxi drivers may try aggressively to sell you a ride which costs 300+ shekels ($100+).

Tell the sherut driver that you want to be dropped off at The American Institute on Mount Zion. If he does not recognize the name, you can tell him the Hebrew name: "Machon Amerikai."

2. Walk from your drop-off point to the JUC campus.

Avoid using GPS or online maps. They are unreliable when navigating to JUC.

If you have trouble locating the campus, please call us:    

  • School office: +972-2-671-8628

3. Ring the button at the campus gate.

Ring the button for “JUC Office" or "Yard."

4. Enjoy your time.

Welcome to JUC! We are glad you are here.

Departure From Israel

Please schedule your departure no later than noon of the departure day of your study program. Staying on campus after your departure day is only allowed with prior approval from the administrative office, and those who stay must pay a per-day fee.


We want to get in touch with you before you come. If you will be at a different physical address than the one shown on your application before arriving in Israel, or if your email address is different than the one shown on your application, please let us know.

Bill Pay

Students are required either to have paid their bill in full before the beginning of the semester or have a written agreement with our North American office stipulating an alternative method of payment. You will not be able to formally register for classes or attend classes if this requirement is not fulfilled before you come. 

Student Identity Card

Within the first two weeks of the semester you will be issued a Jerusalem University College student ID card. We recommend that you also obtain an International Student Identity Card before coming to Israel. This card will help you to save money in various ways, including on insurance coverage.

  • If you are using a travel service to get your airline tickets, they may be able to obtain a card for you.
  • If you wish to obtain a card on your own, you may obtain one through ISIC.
  • It is also possible to get an International Student Identity Card once you have arrived in Israel.