Student Work

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On-Campus Work

Our volunteer stipend program offers very a limited number of student jobs every semester. Students work 5-10 hours per week as part of their requirement for receiving certain kinds of scholarship funds. Jobs can be applied for and will be assigned at the beginning of each semester. Any work scholarship that you may have at your home school is not transferrable to JUC.

Policy Regarding Students Working in Israel

Israeli law forbids students who are in Israel on a student (A-2), dependent (A-4) or a tourist (B-2) visa to work in Israel for pay.

Anyone found to be working illegally can have their visa revoked and can be deported. Moreover, such incidents can put JUC in jeopardy in its relations to governmental departments. For clarity’s sake, JUC students may ONLY:

  1. Be involved in JUC campus work under the volunteer stipend program.
  2. Work for a foreign/international institution, which pays them through a foreign account abroad (for example, other Christian institutions from abroad).
  3. Be involved in volunteer work off campus without pay.