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Field Studies

All courses at JUC require field studies, something that is unique to JUC’s approach to education. In a very practical sense, the land is our classroom. Our field studies are a mandatory part of course work at JUC and enable students to see, experience, and interact with issues presented in the classroom. In fact, fieldwork is considered class work in the same way that laboratory work is considered an integral part of coursework in any chemistry or physics curriculum. Field studies will take students to nearly all corners of the land of Israel, the Palestinian Territories, and Jordan.


Quoting, summarizing, or alluding to another person’s work or ideas (whether a present or former student or an author) as if they are your own or without proper citation is considered plagiarism. Extensive use of quotes, even if properly cited, is also considered plagiarism. Any instances of plagiarism, as determined by JUC's Academic Counsel, will result in immediate failure of the course and dismissal from JUC. 


Punctual attendance is expected of all students, including auditors, for all classes and field studies. Instructors will consider attendance when calculating course grades.