Consortium of Jerusalem University College

Over 70 accredited colleges, universities, and seminaries are members of the Consortium of Associated Schools of Jerusalem University College. Students from consortium schools have the opportunity to participate in semester-abroad or short-term programs of study that transfer into their degree programs at their home institution. Our consortium schools treat JUC as an extension campus of their own institution. 

Chairman's Message

Shalom and salaam! On behalf of JUC's Board of Directors, I'm glad you're checking us out.

First, let me say a word to students considering JUC: you need to come! One of my former students wrote about her experience, "Studying the Bible in the land of the Bible is like turning a jewel in the sunlight; you see colors you never saw before." That's so true! I was 38 years old the first time I came to Israel, and looking back, I wish I could have come earlier in life.

Second, let me say a word to Bible faculty: you need to come! You'll be amazed how much a tour of the land will make you a better Bible communicator. JUC enriches a faculty member's understanding of the Bible through exploration of the land in which it was written. Truly, the land shaped the story, and you will experience that firsthand.

Third, let me say a word to institutions considering joining the JUC Consortium: you need to join us! Short-Term and Long-Term programs are led by top scholars in the field who love students and who love teaching at JUC. Undergraduates may study up to a year at JUC and incorporate their work back into their home institutions; graduate students may do likewise, or they can choose one of JUC's M.A. programs. And in many cases, students find that their financial aid packages from their home institutions apply to their work at JUC!

My experience on JUC's Board of Directors has shown me that God clearly has His hand on this institution and has helped us weather the sometimes-perplexing storms of the Middle East. I can also assure you that JUC works hard to ensure the safety of all its students, and by God's grace, no student has ever encountered a serious problem.

I'm pleased to recommend JUC to you; please feel free to contact me about how you might become more involved.

Bryan E. Beyer, Ph.D.

Chairman, Board of Directors