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JUC is happy to offer the following fall semester courses to alumni of our short-term programs. Each course is listed below with the course description. Follow the links for more details.

Note that the time of each course is listed in Jerusalem time, which is seven hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. Courses are scheduled regularly for every week except the week of Sukkoth (October 5-9) and on American Thanksgiving.

These courses will begin on August 31 and end on December 4. For more information about the fall semester dates click here.

Ancient Egypt and the Biblical World

Instructor: Paul Wright

Time offered:
Section 1 - Mondays and Wednesdays 17:00-18:15 JT (10:00-11:15am EST) FULL!
Section 2 - Tuesdays and Thursdays 17:00-18:15 JT (10:00-11:15am EST)

Credit Hours: 3

Offered as an introduction to ancient Egypt, this course surveys Egypt's history and culture from the Predynastic Period (4th millennium B.C.) through the Ptolemaic Period (30 B.C.). Particular emphasis will be placed on the connection of Egypt with the land of Canaan and Israel, as well as on the connection of persons and events mentioned in the Bible with ancient Egypt.

History of the Holy Land from the Rise of Islam to 1948

Instructor: Jon Kaplan

Time offered: Thursdays 19:00-21:30 JT (12:00-2:30pm EST)

Credit Hours: 3

This course examines key developments in the Holy Land from the Muslim conquest until the establishment of the State of Israel, with emphasis placed on the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Contexts of the Holy City

Instructor: Chandler Collins

Time offered:
Section 1 - Fridays 15:00-17:30 JT (8:00-10:30am EST) FULL!
Section 2 - Wednesdays 19:00-21:30 JT (12:00-2:30pm EST)

Credit Hours: 3

This class is an exploration of Jerusalem during key periods in biblical history, including: the city in the times of David and Solomon, Hezekiah, Jeremiah, Nehemiah, the Hasmoneans, Herod the Great and Jesus, the Apostles, and the Jewish War. Important literary themes related to Jerusalem will also be explored.


Frequently Asked Questions

JUC online is our unique online platform with courses designed as a "next step" for those who have already completed a regular JUC program in Jerusalem. JUC alumni who have completed either a long-term program (M.A., Graduate Certificate, Semester study abroad) or short-term program (Historical and Geographical Settings of the Bible, Jesus and His Times, Specially-Arranged Programs, Pastor and Parishioner) are eligible to enroll in a JUC Online course. 

The deadline to apply for JUC Online programs is August 20, and payment is due on August 24.

All students who are accepted to take a JUC Online class must be an alumnus of a JUC program. It is not necessary to send in transcripts to enroll.

Yes! The cost for alumni to audit a JUC Online class is $150/per credit hour.

Yes! If you are a JUC alumnus, you may enroll in multiple classes that you are eligible to take. 

There are no scholarships available for JUC Online. However, the application fee is waived, and we allow alumni to enroll in JUC Online courses for audit at the cost of only $150/ per credit hour.

In order to apply your JUC Online class toward a JUC degree, you will need to apply and be accepted into a JUC program. Only students who are accepted into a JUC program will be eligible to use credit from their JUC Online course toward a degree.

Yes, we offer technical assistance through our North American office that operates from 9:00am-5:00pm EST. We will also send an orientation video about how to use Microsoft Teams before classes begin. 

The JUC Online programs will begin on August 31 and end on Decemeber 4. Classes will take place every week except the week of Sukkot (October 5-9) and on American Thanksgiving.

JUC Online courses cost $615/per credit hour for those taking the course for credit and $150/per credit hour to audit.

No! All regular JUC programs in Jerusalem will proceed as scheduled when Israel re-opens their borders to foreign tourists. 

Registration is Closed

Our online classes are now closed for enrollment. Classes will begin August 31.



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