Internships 2021-2022

Food Service Department



Historic Jerusalem University College is offering semester internships in the Food Service Department, working with American ex-pats and local Jerusalemites. Responsibilities include:

  • Menu planning (weekly and monthly)
  • Food and kitchen consumables ordering and receiving
  • Cooking, preparing, and presenting of meals
  • Maintenance of all health and safety hygiene endemic to food service
  • Some dishwashing

After working with a supervisor to establish a meal plan of American and Middle Eastern cuisine, you will thereafter have significant autonomy in the preparation and presentation of breakfast 7 days each week, along with lunch and dinner once a week, for approximately 60 persons.


JUC’s proximity to the historic and ancient sites of the land is one of the school’s claims to fame. Located in Jerusalem, Israel, approximately one hour from the Tel-Aviv airport, JUC sits on the southwest corner of Mt. Zion just outside the Old City walls of Jerusalem. Situated inside a secured compound, this historic location and building are within walking distance of many major historical sites in the city.


This position is open to students pursuing a two-year (minimum) Culinary Arts degree. Applicants must have completed at least 16 credit hours of studies in their program. Of these credit hours, the following classes or their equivalent are highly preferred: 

  • Restaurant Sanitation & Safety
  • Menu Planning & Nutrition
  • Food Purchasing & Cost Controls
  • Hospitality Management
  • Culinary Skills, Methods, & Development

The following items are required to apply. Please see application for more details:

  • Valid driver's license
  • Medical insurance
  • Ability to safely lift and move up to 30 lb crates of food
  • Resume
  • Valid passport with at least three years remaining before expiration
  • Recent transcript (unofficial or official)
  • Faculty and Personal references
  • Video introduction (see application for details)
  • Consent to the JUC Code of Conduct

As you will be working mostly with an English-speaking staff, English as a first language is required. However, if you also speak Arabic or Hebrew, it will enhance your time in Israel. Many Jerusalem residents are trilingual and can communicate in English, Arabic, and Hebrew.


Here are the benefits related to this position:

  • An incredible international cross-cultural experience!
  • All travel expenses paid for arrival to and departure from Israel, including student visas, airfare, and shared ride to airports. Personal travel while in Israel is the responsibility of the intern.
  • Room and Board included. Cost for off-campus meals is the responsibility of the intern.
  • JUC will cooperate with the intern's home institution for internship credits accrued based on that school’s requirements.

Internship Application

JUC 2021-2022 Semester Internship
Located in Jerusalem, Israel

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