Traveling to Turkey

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Air Travel to Turkey

You are responsible to book your international flights. As you book your flights, we recommend selecting the “Multi City” option, which allows you to fly via Istanbul to Antalya, Turkey (AYT) and then depart from Athens, Greece (ATH) at the end of your program. This will save you time and money.

Note: Due to the current travel restrictions in Greece, we recommend that you purchase travel insurance when booking your flights or wait to purchase airfare tickets until the restrictions lift. Please check the United States Embassy & Consulate website for updates. We will also continue posting updates here on our website.



You will want to arrive at the Istanbul airport by mid-afternoon. Upon arrival, you will go through International Passport Control and customs before boarding the flight to Antalya. Since there are two different areas for passport control, make sure that you find your way to the International area, not Turkish. Be sure to allow 2 hours for the layover in Istanbul in order to pass through customs and security.

Note that we generally recommend flying through IST airport rather and not SAW. Both are Istanbul airports, but they are quite far from each other and may impact your ability to connect to Antalya.


The travel to Antalya is a short, domestic flight. When you arrive in Antalya, you will not need to go through passport control again. You can simply collect your luggage from the baggage claim area. Because your luggage originated overseas, you will not pick it up on the belt but at the far end of the baggage claim designated as International Arrivals.


Upon exiting the airport, you will be responsible for traveling to the hotel where your program group will be staying: Hotel La Paloma in the Old City (Kaleichi). You can take a taxi to the hotel, which you will find as you exit the airport on the right. Tell the taxi driver to take you to "La Paloma" hotel in Kaleichi.  

Depending on the exchange rate, taxi fare may be approximately $20 USD. You may also pay in Turkish Lira. While all program-related tips are covered during your study with JUC, it is traditional to tip 10% when traveling on your own.


At the end of your program, you will depart from the Katerina Hotel in Athens. You will be responsible for acquiring your individual transportation to the airport for your return flight. Both taxi and metro options are available from the hotel.

Should you choose to arrive earlier or stay later than your program dates for personal travel, you may contact your instructor, Linford Stutzman, for travel information and recommended hotels.

Visas for Turkey

Currently, a visa for U.S. citizens is required to visit Turkey. This costs $50 USD and should be purchased online a week or so before you travel to Turkey. You may apply for and download your electronic visa at the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Currently, proof of a Covid vaccination or negative test documentation (within 72 hours) will be required to fly to Turkey and enter Greece. We will provide further updates as needed. No additional vaccines are required to visit Turkey or Greece.