The Christian Movement in the Mediterranean

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The Christian Movement in the Mediterranean


Welcome to JUC!

You are about to begin an exciting, unique, and enriching study program in the Mediterranean Basin, your hands-on laboratory for learning about the Christian movement in the book of Acts. This is a serious, intensive study program that involves pre-course reading and academic engagement in the field. In addition, you will need to participate in rigorous physical activity while traveling on and around the Mediterranean Sea. Be prepared to be challenged!

Your voyage will be led by experienced Mediterranean sailor and instructor Linford Stutzman, along with his wife Janet. The Stutzmans have traced the Christian movement of the Acts story along the Mediterranean Basin since 2004.

This Manual is your introduction to preparing for and making the most of your time on the water. It is designed to answer your questions, explain our services, and help make your program more enjoyable and enriching. It will also clarify our expectations for conduct and lifestyle during your time on the Mediterranean. Please read it thoroughly before you arrive in Turkey.

It is our desire that you will experience God’s richest blessings while you study with Jerusalem University College!