Course Descriptions

ONLINE MECR 5/366 Society and Politics in the Holy Land: Palestinian and Israeli Perspectives - Credit Hours: 3

Semester normally offered: Fall 2021 Online

Course Description

The course will examine central historical, social, and political issues as these relate to Israeli and Palestinian societies. The origins of each society (including contrasting narratives of the 1948 war), as well as some of their characteristic features, such as the social composition, the role of religion, the economy, and the political system will be covered alternately by both an Israeli and a Palestinian professor, long associated with Jerusalem University College. The final class session, taught jointly, will examine each side's positions and expectations regarding present realities and future prospects for peace and reconciliation.

Course Equivalencies

  • Middle Eastern Studies

  • International Relations

  • Political Science

  • Sociology

  • History

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, the student should be able to:

  • appreciate the demographic, religious, and political makeup of Israelis and Palestinians;

  • appreciate the Land from the perspectives of its two national groups and its religious communities;

  • understand the historical and political narratives of both Israelis and Palestinians;

  • consider the possibility of a joint Israeli-Palestinian narrative that acknowledges both narratives;

  • pinpoint the root causes of conflict and the prospects for reconciliation;

  • address some of the challenges of the current situation and likely scenarios to overcome them.

Field Study

*Note that field studies are not included for JUC Online courses.