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Fall Semester 2018 Course Offerings

Instructions:  As a full-time student, paying full tuition, you are allowed from 12 - 16 semester units of study.  If you select courses which take the number of credits beyond 16 you will be billed for each additional hour you select.  Please select the courses in which you are interested, noting the total number of semester units.  Refer to the academic catalog for course descriptions.

Important Note:  All courses are subject to adequate enrollment and may be cancelled at the discretion of Jerusalem University College.  Your pre-registration is very important but does not guarantee the course.  Full registration will take place upon your arrival in Israel.

Archaeology (1 courses)

Course Number Course Name Units Faculty Field Trip Fee
ARCH 5/303

Archaeology of Jerusalem I

3 G. Barkay $94.00
Geography  (2 courses)
Course Number Course Name Units Faculty Field Trip Fee
GEO 5/311

Physical Settings of the Bible Required of all first time students. 

4 C. Collins $2,476.00
GEO 6/417

Regional Explorations in the Historical Geography of the Land of the Bible

3 P. Wright $343.00

Middle Eastern Cultures & Religions (5 courses)

Course Number Course Name Units Faculty

Field Trip Fee

MECR 5/340 History of the Church in the East 3 P. Heldt $94.00
MECR 5/342 History of the Holy Land from the rise of Islam to 1948 3 J. Kaplan $94.00
MECR 5/360 Introduction to the Modern Middle East 3 O. Yinon $70.00
MECR 5/365 Palestinian Society and Politics 3 B. Sabella $94.00
MECR 5/380 Field Education 1 D. Wright TBD
History (4 courses)
Course Number Course Name Units Faculty Field Trip Fee
HIST 5/330 History of Ancient Israel  3 Y. Levin $94.00
HIST 6/454 Intertestamental Literature 3 A. Roitman


HIST 6/452 Text Studies in Classic Rabbinic Literature for Rabbinic Judaism and Early Christianity 3 M. Silberschein


Hebrew and Cognate  Languages (4 courses)
Course Number Course Name Units Faculty Field Trip Fee
HCL 6/415 Readings in Biblical Hebrew Narrative 3 E. Clem $94.00
HCL 6/410 Biblical Hebrew I 4 E. Clem $94.00
HCL 6/440 Introduction to Aramaic 3 E. Clem $94.00
HCL 6/460 Modern Standard Arabic I 3 S. Awad $94.00

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